Dating someone new

Along with sleigh bells ringing and jingle bells jingling, hearts are vibrating this holiday season with every click of a dating app. Check out this gift guide for the health conscious LINK. Make a gift box with an adult coloring book, a new set of pencils and a bag of local coffee or tea (maybe find something at one of these local art supply shops).

The popularity of Tinder, Match and Bumble means people are dating now more than ever, with “just for fun” and love matches happening every day. No matter what their passions, there is a gift around - that matches it.

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Try the homemade incense from LA-based Maaps to keep their crib smelling as good as yours (), candles for mood-setting (), and stylish notebooks for leaving an inscription they won’t forget ().

But if you’re spending serious time with a partner — and worse if he or she thinks you’re monogamous — giving others the sense that you’re still interested is dishonest and unfair to everyone involved.

Thanks to the proliferation of dating apps it's easier than ever to keep a couple of people waiting in the wings, but that doesn't mean you should.

It’s just a fancier word for an ancient practice better known as cheating.

It’s one thing if you’re at the very beginning of dating someone and you’re not sure where it’s going.


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