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I've been taking Stribild since and my CD4 is 666 and I'm undetectable. I never, in a bazillion years, would have ever thought I would be effected by it when I consider the type of family I grew up in. I was there in the beginning, and yet I find myself, all these years later still here. I was struggling financially, hustling on craigslist and working fulltime to get by, and decided to donate plasma for money. I haven't skipped a dose and have been on meds since October 31, 2014. I want to thank everyone for all the support over the last 8... for almost 20 years now, when I was 10 I started to wonder why do I get treated so differently, get tired so easily, couldn't do things most kids my age could do, like sleep over, go to camp, or have friends over, so one day my dad had my doctor explain to me everything I was... It's going to take a long time to feel better and be happy again. I believe the reason I am HIV positive is so I can bring healing to myself and others. until Saturday because im doing my HIV screening for the navy. I ended up changing antiretroviral medication just once, b/c the previous one made me extremely depressed. I now found out about this site and their closing it down already.

Went to med school and broke the long family tradition of poor blue collar workers. I was diagnosed with HIV August 20, 2014 and my CD4 was 460 and my viral load was 6566. I have been with it, and it has been with me a very long time. I found out just after moving 2000 miles in the pursuit of happiness. I am doing well, my viral load is still "undectabable" and my CD4 is at 994. No side effects from meds aside from minor fatigue and mild nausea. My doc says I'm healthier than some HIV negative patients. Especially when you're still trying to grasp the fact that you ARE positive. I had a boyfrend at that time and we were always fighting because I never wanted to sleep with him, then I got raped. so much for the positive feedback on my post yesterday. Now it can only mean I infected myself hey because I tested shortly before we met and during the course of our relationship and I was negative until further notice... It's been over a year since my diagnosis, so much has changed. Its really cool to have other ppl like me to talk to and who can relate. I told my gf about it and she was tested and came back negative.

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This way there are no surprises and the individual is being honest with a potential romantic interest.It turned out I didnt know much about this man when a friend told me how she has heard he had many lovers.So i told him to go get an hiv test, we went together and the results were negative. what a beautiful word that was for us because we quit using condoms and we enjoyed each other. he cheated and cheated and cheated, and to this i forgave and forgave and forgave until one day I realised enough was enoung and I left him in septermber 2008.but then I said to myself: I cant change the past but I can change my future so I will continue to look after myself and love my husband like he deserves coz yesterday is gone and will never be reversed! and 16 days since I have heard the heart breaking news. It did and taught me to more appreciate things and live as healthy as I can. As an HIV man, my condition will not change for years or for life. If you would like to continue a mutual support please send me a... have you ever given a lil thought that a sneezed of... I'm feeling hopeful as my side effects have been minimal. for Antiretroviral therapy (ART) It is scientific state of the ART, thanks to this kind of art our lives are still pumping and kicking at great pace. Been on medication for a month and my VL went down from 42000 to 340 and CD4 from 287 to 306. It is so easy to look at someone and pass off any judgements on them, yet it makes so much difference to look for a moment beyond, for that sadness beneath their smiles, or a glimmer of... This website and you helped me so much, when I needed it more. This story starts long before the day the doctor walked into my room and delivered that mind blowing news and just turned around and... Then one day went as a support to my friend to the clinic. have you ever given a lil thought that for most hiv positive people, their immune system is no longer responding. Hes really nice and he hasnt started treatment yet but I...


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