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And I learned a lot from converting her.” She looked earnestly at Meredith. The lights began to flash came on, brightening and dimming in syncopated rhythms. She stood erect with her head locked to the side until she was told to do something else. And her mother could watch them stare at her, or laugh, on the minicam—if she commanded Meredith to swivel her head. She turned left and stepped stiffly forward, almost walking into Lesbot.

She was the defeated heroine, hypnotized and doomed, facing her crazed mother’s implacable device. Again she wondered how deeply her lover had been hypnotized for this. But it was erotic just to be aware she was doing this. But I saw an interview where she condemned your experiments. ” “That’s how brilliant I am, Alice.” Frances laughed. “Some obedience in action.” “Coming up, Alice.” Frances puttered at her control panel. The staff would see her strutting around like a futuristic mime, and listen to her speak. Her trance reminded her of the control button snugged into the glove’s palm.

Then, still far from her own climax, Meredith stopped being able to see or hear. Her hair was swept up and she peered through steel-rimmed glasses at her daughter. Some people might even consider that ‘mind control’ by itself, but they just lack imagination. Then she heard her mother’s breathing, and another sound. The minicam let Frances watch the reflection of her daughter waiting, without any will to move until she was told. She was so shocked and aroused to be seen that she’d completely forgotten his name. She was dressed as the fantasy maid, but she sounded normal—which made it hotter. The script the maid had been hypnotized into remembering seemed to include real surprise that the daughter of the house was a clockwork doll. They became erotic shapes that stroked her like more fingertips as she slid further into the erotic trance where Mistress wanted her . Frances had done that when she’d had Meredith near a mirror. The twentysomething man had a goatee and a nervous smile that jammed on his face when Meredith stalked into view in her getup. ” Her eyes blazed and she gestured, sweeping the lab coat for an alluring glimpse of soft skin. With my irresistible robotizer, I can bring everyone to the same state of complete obedience! I can program everyone to be happy, productive, truthful, and docile.” There was the slightest shift in her smile. She whispered breathlessly to Mistress, and Meredith realized there were minicams in these rooms, too. All that nonsense about ‘free will’ and ‘autonomy.’ As if that’s ever accomplished anything but bring the human species to the brink of self-extinction! “bot ” Her mother walked her through the unoccupied rooms, getting used to the novelty of being her daughter’s puppeteer. But then her trance and Mistress’ hypnotic script reclaimed her, and she enjoyed the role. She touched a control and put a tone in Meredith’s ear. “bot com.plete.” Hearing herself chant it made her wet under the silver. It turned her stare to Leslie, who stared back, neither triumphant nor sad. “Your own daughter is now a mindlessly obedient drone. Instead of ‘thinking,’ all she can do is download truths from the program in her brain, when it tells her to.” “The consortium will fund your world-domination plot after all, Doctor.” Mistress stroked Meredith’s belly just above the shiny hotpants. But I’d like to see a field test.” She patted Meredith’s ass. She’d reached a table with a phone extension and she groped for it blindly, still transfixed by Meredith. She just stalked the victim until told to do otherwise. She raised her left arm while her right stayed stiff by her side.


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