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Setup is also a breeze as it has voice prompts that walk you through the Bluetooth pairing process.See Also: The 14 Coolest Things to Buy On Amazon for Under The 17.3″ full HD display on this ASUS Laptop will turn heads. Not sure why you would spend over twice the amount on an Apple Mac Book Pro when this system beats it in every way possible.This hack takes 10-20 minutes to complete so save it for big price differences.Personally, I’d use a - difference as a smart range.How to start a Chat session: At the bottom of this page, under Step 2, select “More order issues” from the drop-down menu and “Other order question or issue” from the second drop-down menu.You’re then given 3 ways to contact Amazon: E-mail, Phone, or Chat. When you get the email asking you how your chat went, do the following.Once you’ve found a lower price on something in your “Order History”, hit up an Amazon live chat operator.Explain the situation and be prepared for a long spiel about how they don’t offer price protection any more.

Tim, a recent commentor here at recently did this hack successfully and got the following confirmation email from Amazon: “Thanks for letting us know the price difference you’re seeing on the Echo Show – White, to help compensate this I’ve issued you a discount.

Personally, I went into some detail about how it’s actually costing Amazon more money in the long run as many shoppers are simply returning items and re-buying at the lower price.

Lastly, I politely asked them to reconsider their policy. Typically within 5 minutes you’ll get a phone call from an Amazon rep willing to help with your issue.

I also love the new colors and designs that come with the 2nd generation Echo.

Designed to work with Apple for i Phone 8, i Phone 8 Plus and i Phone X, this Belkin Charger is pretty sweet. There’s even a green light that comes on telling you that your device is being charged properly.


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