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It provides for a civil penalty against Mugshot Websites in … Click [Pause watch history] to disable the collection of this information by You and …

Read More As a default setting, You tracks both your Viewing History and Search History. Read More After the Randi Zuckerberg Facebook Photo Sharing incident, it appears that most Facebook Users have not properly set their Facebook Privacy and Timeline and Tagging Setting.

Carl Zimmerman, D-Palm Harbor has introduced Florida HB 677, a Mugshot Removal Bill.

With an Effective Date of October 1, 2013, the bill requires that operators of Mugshot Websites remove a person's name & information within a specified period after notice that person is acquitted or charges are dropped or otherwise resolved without conviction. Select the Videos you want to Remove from your You Tube Watch History then click [Remove] or click [Clear all watch history].

Read More If you are registered to vote in Florida, it is likely that your full legal name, date of birth, address, voter id, party and race appear on New Hampshire Political Protester Tom Alciere's website. Read More Andover Massachusetts Merrimack College Assistant Professor of Communications Melissa "Mish" Zimdars has compiled a list of the controversial fake news websites. More importantly both Google and Facebook say they have updated their policies to ban fake news sites from their advertising networks.

Read More Vine is the mobile service that lets users create and share short looping videos.Read More Google will finally start scrubbing search results across all its websites when accessed from a European country to conform to the Europe's "Right to Be Forgotten" privacy regulations.The European Court of Justice ruled in May 2014 that people could ask search engines such ass and Microsoft's Bing to remove inadequate or irrelevant information that appears under searches for their name.Part 1 MYf Y Part 2 Nc Part 3 Wdg UV6D_0c Part 4 ARi Qiy OM Part 5 W9c0yda Z0 Part 6 Other See Anonymous Takes on …Read More After her stalker who secretly shot nude videos of Sportscaster Erin Andrews was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison, the jury trial begins on February 23, 2016 in the Million lawsuit against the Nashville Marriott.Read More The Revenge website owner Kevin Blollaert, 28-years old was found guilty of 27 felony counts for created a revenge porn website where he posted more than 10,000 sexually explicit photos of women online to extort hundreds of dollars from each. Like many individuals whose photos have appeared on this website, we too have checked the Domain Name Ownership records and Hosting providers as well as other public Internet documents.


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