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She enjoyed a bit of fame following the show, dating Dancing With the Stars hottie Mark Ballas before their 2011 split. Nicki Minaj storms out (season 12) Perhaps the less said about season 12, the better.

The idea of landing Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj for the judges panel might have seemed like a bit of coup initially, but the chemistry was completely off, and the two did not belong together.

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How did to find another path to break artists — I could see them [perform] and engage with the audience who would, in a way, tell me who they felt was interesting and who they believed could go on and be a star.Frot-Coutaz admitted producers "always" planned on locking down the OG host, despite his super busy sched. We found that we'd recruited new, much younger viewers.Do you wait five or six years, with the landscape continuing to evolve, and risk losing those followers?Chris Daughtry went on to have a solid career but couldn't crack the top two, taking third place behind Hicks and Mc Phee. Ruben over Clay (season 2) This was perhaps the biggest nail-biter in the series' history. But there are few Idol voting results more head-scratching then the singer's seventh-place exit in season 3. Kris tops Adam (season 8) We're still trying to process this one, seven years later.Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken both clearly had legions of fans (those Claymates will not be denied), which helped Aiken find plenty of post-show success, including a multi-platinum debut album and a stint in Broadway's Spamalot. Adam Lambert is one of the show's signature stars and still lands singles on the charts (as with last year's "Ghost Town").I think we’ve had great integrity [in] protecting the brand so it wasn’t tarnished. In the entertainment industry, you very rarely get to look back.


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