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Allow me to save you the trouble of your initial objection Indifference comes into being when you listen to that noise with no resistance, go with that noise, ride on that noise infinitely.Then that noise does not affect you, does not pervert you, does not make you indifferent.You know you need time to take everything in, and see what the world has to offer you right now.

This is naturally how humans accomplish things: you try something, it doesn’t go as you expected, you try something else, perhaps it’s a bit closer to your expected, and you repeat until you reach success. A Mindset Based In Reality When it comes to taking the most beneficial and most realistic look at these types of situations, it is to live through the experience from the point of view of “what is really going on? If a man or woman rejects you after you took it as far as you could, be proud of yourself.

There is no type of rejection that cannot be seen in this way.

It can feel painful because you imagine yourself feeling “I am opening myself up, please accept me”, but this kind of validation seeking isn’t attractive to an interviewer or a potential partner.

A clear mind, an unbiased and non-judgmental mind, one which sees the full situation for what it really is.

Imagine how your perspective of the world and every situation may be then.


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