Relative dating of rocks activities

Another region forms an arc from Jamaica to southeastern Cuba and across Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

South America's most active earthquake zones stretch the length of the continent's Pacific border.

Although the project ended in 1999, the data it accumulated remains accessible.

Discover the most active earthquake zones on each of the seven continents with this guide.

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One of the most powerful African earthquakes in recorded history occurred in December 1910, when a 7.8 quake struck western Tanzania.

In fact, most of the western coast of Central America is seismically active as the Cocos plate rubs against the Caribbean plate.

The eastern edge of North America is quiet by comparison, though there is a small zone of activity near the entry to the St. Other areas of lesser earthquake activity include the New Madrid fault region where the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers converge near Missouri, Kentucky, and Illinois.

Australia and New Zealand are a study in seismic contrast.

While the continental of Australia has a low to moderate risk of quakes overall, its smaller island neighbor is another of the world's earthquake hot spots.


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